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Bloch Dancewear & Dance Shoes Collection

Bloch's philosophy of listening to dancers is still as strong today as it was when Jacob Bloch made his first pair of pointe shoes in 1932. Jacob arrived from Europe in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression and began making shoes by hand in the workshop where he lived. Jacob's repuation for making good dance shoes spread rapidly.

Today jacob's family is still listening to dancers. In addition to shoes, Bloch makes a comprehensive range of dancewar apparel, dance shoes and accessories designed specifically for dancers. One of Planet Dance's strongest brands, we are delighted to bring you an extensive range of Bloch Dancewear including beautiful Bloch leotards and separates, Bloch dance shoes, from Pointe Shoes to Tap Shoes, together with a fabulous range of Dance Bags and Accessories.


bloch sparkle full sole ballet shoe
UK Childs 5 to Adult 1

MODEL: Bloch S0291
Price: £10.95
bloch talullah glitterdust ballet shoe
UK Childs 5 to Adult 1

MODEL: Bloch S0225GG
Price: £10.95
bloch rad rouche tank leotard & belt
Childs Age 6 to Adult Large

MODEL: Bloch BU102
Price: £10.95
bloch rad wrap skirt
Waist Size 18 to 24 Inches

MODEL: Bloch BU601
Price: £10.95
bloch nimelle and nydel bouquet bloom briefs
Age 10 to Adult Medium

MODEL: Bloch FR5094 / FR5118
Price: £10.95
Age 4 to 14

MODEL: Bloch CR5110
Price: £11.45
bloch decorative miniature 5 inch pointe shoe
One Size

MODEL: Bloch A0607
Price: £11.45
From 11.45
UK Adult 2 to 8.5 / 2x Widths

MODEL: Bloch S0277
Price: £11.45
From 7.45
UK Childs 7 to Adult 8.5 / 3x Widths

MODEL: Bloch S0231
Price: £11.45
UK Adult 2 to 8 / 2x Width Fittings

MODEL: Bloch S0238
Price: £11.45
bloch girls tutu bag
One Size

MODEL: Bloch A65
Price: £11.45
bloch mireya bouquet bloom mesh lyrical dance skirt
Adult X Small to Large

MODEL: Bloch R3541
Price: £11.95
Childs Small to Large

MODEL: Bloch CZ0989
Price: £11.95
bloc pro arch canvas split sole ballet shoe
UK Adult 3 to 8

MODEL: Bloch S0271
Price: £11.95
bloch proflex canvas split sole ballet shoe
UK Adult 3 to 8

MODEL: Bloch S0210
Price: £11.95
bloch orbit contemporary stretch canvas dance shoe
UK Childs 13 to Adult 9

MODEL: S0638
Price: £11.95
Adult Small to Large / 2x Colourways
50% Off
MODEL: Bloch L5905
Price: £11.95
Was: £23.95
bloch rad long sleeve cotton wrap
Age 2 to 14

MODEL: Bloch BU501
Price: £11.95
bloch plie cotton camisole leotard
Age 2 to 14

MODEL: Bloch CL5407
Price: £11.95
bloch foot wrap ii contemporary foot glove
UK Adult 1.5 to 8

MODEL: Bloch S0685
Price: £11.95
bloch ballet cotton short sleeved leotard
Age 2 to 14

MODEL: Bloch CL5402
Price: £12.45
Adult Petite to Large / 2x Colourways
30% Off
MODEL: Bloch Z2909
Price: £12.45
Was: £18.45
bloch jaclyn ribbon trim knee length skirt
Age 4 to 10
20% Off
MODEL: Bloch CR1740
Price: £12.45
Was: £15.95
bloch foot thong iii
Uk Adult 3 to 8.5

MODEL: Bloch S0675
Price: £12.45
bloch pippa g-briefs seamless thong
Adult Petite to Large

MODEL: Bloch R3104
Price: £12.45
bloch coby full seamless briefs
Adult Petite to Large

MODEL: Bloch R3114
Price: £12.45
kaia by bloch rosies keyhole crop top
Age 8 to 14

10% Off MODEL: Bloch KA010
Price: £12.45
Was: £13.95
bloch ballet teen short sleeve leotard
Age 8 to 14

MODEL: Bloch CL5402
Price: £12.45
bloch arabesque v front cotton spandex dance shorts
Adult Petite to Large

MODEL: Bloch R3614
Price: £12.45
UK Adult 2 to 8.5 / 3x Widths

MODEL: Bloch S0621
Price: £12.95