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Grades 4 and 5 (All Genres)
Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Tights
Age 2 to Adult XX Large
MODEL: Capezio 1816
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Capezio Seamless Dance Brief
Adult X Small to X Large
MODEL: Capezio 3754
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Bloch Pump Split Sole Canvas Ballet Shoe
UK Adult 2 to 8.5
MODEL: Bloch S0277
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Wear Moi Diane Girls Microfibre Cami Leotard
Age 4 to14

MODEL: Wear Moi Diane
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Roch Valley Elizabeth Ruched Princess Seam Tank Leotard
Age 7 to Adult Large
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Wear Moi Diane Ladies Microfibre Camisole Leotard
Adult X Small to Large

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Capezio Split Sole Leather Jazz Shoe
UK Childs 8 to Adult 10
MODEL: Capezio EJ1
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Bloch Essentials Jazz Tap Shoe
UK Adult 2 to 7
MODEL: Bloch SF3710
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Bloch JazzSoft Split Sole Leather Jazz Shoe
UK Childs 11 to Adult 10
MODEL: Bloch S0405
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Capezio Fluid Tele Tone Tap Shoe
UK Adult 3 to 11
MODEL: Capezio CG17
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Bloch Jazz Tap Shoe
UK Childs 9 to UK Adult 9
MODEL: Bloch S0301
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