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Pointe Shoe Fittings at Planet Dance

We are proud to be the largest stockist of pointe shoes in the UK, giving dancers and students the opportunity to try the widest selection of makes and models all in one place.  Located in Yorkshire, in the centre of the country, dancers come from all over the UK and beyond for their pointe shoe fittings at Planet Dance.  Pointe Shoe fitting is 'what we do' and we are honoured to support each and every ballet dancer in their quest for the perfect shoe!

For a dancer’s safety, their foot shape, stage of development, strength and level of training must be professionally considered and assessed. A pair of pointe shoes must be professionally fitted to suit a dancer's individual needs and unique foot characteristics. Although we sell pointe shoes online through our website, they should only be purchased in this way, when a dancer has received a professional fitting, already knows which shoe & size is appropriate for them and is confident that their feet have not changed since their last fitting.  With this in mind, please do ensure that you always have a professional fitting and should you choose Planet Dance, we look forward to welcoming you to our store and ballet community.

Our Brands

We stock all the leading pointe shoe brands including Wear Moi, La Pointe, Gaynor Minden, Bloch, Suffolk, Freed of London, Capezio, Grishko, RP and Virtesse.  Our collection takes you through your pointe shoe journey, from beginner to advanced student and throughout your professional career. Stocking the full range of pointe shoe models, we have a vast range of box shapes, shank strengths and other characteristics to choose from.  We guide each dancer through the fitting processes to ensure that their pointe shoes fit beautifully and meet the individual dancers need at each stage of their pointe journey.

Our Fitters

Our team of specialist fitters have over 20 years combined experience of pointe shoe fittings and are highly regarded within the industry by dance colleges, students and professional dancers alike.  Accredited by all the leading pointe shoe brands, our fitters have years of experience and regularly attend workshops and brand training courses to ensure we keep abreast of the latest developments and techniques.

Our master fitter is also a fitting trainer for Wear Moi and La Pointe, passing on their fitting knowledge to other dance stores, trainee fitters and teachers.  They are also regularly attend conferences and training courses as a guest speaker, presenter and trainer throughout the world, recently guest speaking at a ballet convention in Singapore and presenting and demonstrating for the highly regarded pointe teacher training course, 4Pointe in London.

As well as providing a full fitting service at our showroom in Yorkshire, our fitting team also provide on-site fittings for the major ballet academies and colleges, including the Northern Ballet Academy and the English National Ballet School. We also provide on-site fittings for professional Company dancers with the production of bespoke, made-to-measure pointe shoes, a personal service that we have provided to a range of ballet companies including the Royal Ballet ,English National Ballet and Singapore Dance Theatre.

Fitting Appointments

It is essential to book a fitting appointment for pointe shoes, to allow our fitters time to fully assess each dancer's feet and their individual needs.  Fittings usually last approximately an hour and you can book online via our 'book an appointment' page on our website. Alternatively, you can of course call us or email us to make your appointment, should you prefer.  

To ensure you are fully prepared for your appointment, we recommend that you refer to the following notes prior to your visit:
  • If this is your first fitting, please ensure that your dance teacher has approved and confirmed that you are ready to go en pointe.
  • If this is not your first fitting, please ensure that you bring any foot protection, such as toe pads etc, that you already have and wish to use in your new pointe shoes and that they are cleaned prior to your visit.
  • We ask that you prepare your feet for your fitting, ensuring they are clean and dry and your toe nails clipped, so that they do not protrude beyound the end of your toes.
  • We ask that you attend your fitting wearing the tights or socks that you intend to wear during your pointe classes.  We recommend convertible tights if you have them, which secure any foot protection more ably.
  • The fitter will need to assess the dancer's posture throughout the fitting, so we ask that you wear comfortable clothing that is not too baggy.  Trousers or dance pants should not extend below knee level.
  • We recommend that you gently stretch your feet and ankles prior to your appointment to avoid any possible cramping when en pointe.

We look forward to supporting you on your pointe shoe journey and assure you of our very best attention to finding you your perfect shoe!