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Pineapple Dancewear & Dance Accessories Collection

The Planet Dance team absolutely love Pineapple Dancewear, which brings fashionable flair to dance through their creator Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore OBE, founder of Pineapple Dance Studios, began her journey by winning the Honey Magazine modelling competition at the age of 15, becoming an international model and being the first woman to list her company on the London Stock Exchange.

Debbie founded the Dance Studios in 1979 in a disused Pineapple warehouse in Covent Garden. Her aim was to make dance accessible to everyone, where absolute beginners could mix with professional dancers and celebrities including Madonna and 1D.

Inspired by the dancers’ style Debbie developed Cotton/Lycra with DuPont and was the first fashion designer to use the versatile fabric for dance wear, followed by bodies, leggings, dresses and skirts. These items revolutionised fashion and helped to create the global Pineapple brand that continues to be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe today. With her Hepburn range she became the first to produce outerwear using Cotton/Lycra.

Originally as a fit model herself, Debbie’s first hand experience meant she was able to structure each piece she designed to be functional and flattering, whilst emphasising the female form.

Pineapple dance wear was the first fashion and lifestyle dance brand to cut leotards in a way which emphasised waists and necklines and designing tracksuit bottoms to flatter hips and legs


pineapple mesh bra top
Adult X Small to Medium
30% Off
MODEL: Pineapple TV15160
Price: £10.95
Was: £15.95
pineapple skinny pant
Adult X Small to Medium
50% Off
MODEL: Pineapple PWSS1623
Price: £14.45
Was: £29.95
pineapple monroe crop toe
Adult X Small to Medium

MODEL: Pineapple TV04490
Price: £15.95
pineapple girls holographic double layer crop top
Age 7 to 12

MODEL: Pineapple TV1556C
Price: £16.45
pineapple dance diamante leggings
Age 7 to 12

MODEL: Pineapple PT1570C
Price: £16.95
pineapple monroe body con leggings with mesh
Adult X Small to Medium

MODEL: Pineapple PT04920
Price: £21.95
pineapple mini covent garden dancers bag
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB02070
Price: £23.45
pineapple dancewear crop diamante zip jacket
Age 7 to 12

MODEL: Pineapple TH1514C
Price: £23.95
pineapple heart bage rucksack
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB0221
Price: £24.45
pineapple dancewear mesh panel crop hoodie
Adult X Small to Medium

MODEL: Pineapple TH15100
Price: £25.95
pineapple retro dancers bag
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB02120
Price: £26.95
pineapple dancers bag
One Size

MDOEL: Pineapple AB02110
Price: £26.95
pineapple covent garden dancer bag
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB0122
Price: £26.95
pineapple strap bag
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB02080
Price: £26.95
pineapple studio dancers bag
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB02060
Price: £27.95
pineapple dancers kit bag
One Size

MODEL: Pineapple AB02090
Price: £27.95
pineapple zipped cropped jacket
Adult X Small to Medium
10% Off
MODEL: Pineapple PWSS1622
Price: £29.45
Was: £32.95