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Greek Sandals & Dance Teaching Shoes
Bloch Elastosplit Grecian Sandal
80% Off
UK Adult 2 to 9 / 2x Colourways
MODEL: Bloch ES0410
£6.45 £32.95
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Sansha Diva 1 Leather Greek Sandal
UK Adult 2.5 to 7.5

MODEL: Sansha TE1
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Roch Valley Leather Greek Sandals
UK Adult 2 to 8
MODEL: Roch Valley GS
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So Danca Leather and Neoprene Greek Sandal
UK Childs 13 to Adult 9
MODEL: So Danca JZ44
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Roch Valley Glitter Greek Sandals
UK Childs 12 to Adult 8
MODEL: Roch Valley GGS
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Capezio Pedini Femme Leather Teaching Shoe
UK Adult 3 to 7
MODEL: Capezio PP323
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Bloch Paris Leather Split Sole Teaching Shoe
UK Adult 2 to 8 / 2x Colourways
MODEL: Bloch S0427
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Bloch Leather Grecian Sandal Teaching Shoe
UK Adult 3 to 8
MODEL: Bloch S0407
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Freed Teaching Shoe
UK Adult 3 to 8
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