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The Dance Maker
From £8.95
Capezio Hold & Stretch Footed Tights
Childs Small to Adult XX Large

MODEL: Capezio N14
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bloch contoursoft footless tights
Bloch Contoursoft Footless Tights
Childs Petite to Adult X Large

MODEL: Bloch T0985
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30% Off Selected Sizes/Colours. From £6.45
Capezio Canvas Cobra Split Sole Ballet Shoe
UK Adult 1.5 to 9.5

MODEL: Capezio 2030
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bloc pro arch canvas split sole ballet shoe
Bloch Pro Arch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe
UK Adult 3 to 8

MODEL: Bloch S0271
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From £14.45
So Danca Professional Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe
UK Childs 12 to Adult 8

MODEL: So Danca BAE11
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